Monday, May 16, 2011

50 years of good

This post isn't about the baby at 18 weeks or the weekend I just had with some of my favorite ladies in the family or the fact that my husband is (finally) home. All of that will come later - after I tell you that my mother is 50 today. And in my opinion, is pretty fabulous, too.

Don't mind our Charleston hair. Humidity wins every time, you know know what I mean?

I'm so, so thankful that she's mine. I told you that here. If you know her, you know how wonderful she is.

Ready to serve.
Ready to laugh.
So tender-hearted.
So great.

She's been amazing throughout this pregnancy. She's been quietly excited, in the way that makes her tear up when she thinks about the baby or being called Nana. She's offered the advice I want/need, not the kind that makes me feel inadequate. She's already thinking of ways to come to my rescue when the baby is born. And I'm already making sure that her room ready :)

I pray, pray, pray that if I have a daughter, we have the kind of relationship that I've had with her. It's been such a blessing, even on the days when I couldn't see through the mother-daughter yuck to see the good.

And my biggest prayer? That she feels loved, feels respected and sees herself the way we all do.

Happy Birthday, Mama. I love you to the moon.

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