Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18 (almost 19) weeks

I'm not doing so well with sharing the updates on time. Somewhere between taking the picture and writing the post, I get distracted by food and walks around the neighborhood and my husband, who is gracing us with his presence again. I'll try to do better.


Here I am at 17 weeks (which I skipped altogether) and 18 weeks. The first one was taken when I was in Black Mountain for Mothers Day and the second was taken the day before my honey came home. Both were good days.

photo 2 photo 1

Let me tell you something. Between last Friday (the white shirt pic) and now, I feel as if I'm expanding by the minute. And I'm sure it's only going to get worse. All I know is that elastic is my friend. The end.

He/she is about the size of a bell pepper now (weighing in at around 7oz) and I'm feeling movement! That's been really incredible. I'm still feeling great - I'm getting less and less tired, although I still try to rest when I can. And the headaches aren't a problem anymore. I find that I get winded more easily, but I've started doing better about exercise just so that I'm building endurance/flexibility however I can.

My appetite? Unbelievable. So far, I've gained about 5 lbs. Last night, Andrew and I were eating dinner and we were talking about a friend of his who is pretty serious about a girl and is considering marriage. I told him that I'm a fan of marriage. His response?

"I like marriage, too. But I like it a lot better when my wife doesn't eat all of her food."

Poor guy. He's used to getting whatever I don't finish, but there hasn't been a lot of that these days. He was watching every bite thinking, maybe now she's done. Nope. Definitely not done. Ever.

And next week is the big appointment! It looks like you all are leaning more towards boy. I honestly don't have a clue, so I think I'll be surprised either way. Only one more week! :)

2 friends said...:

  1. I'm changing my vote to girl...if only because of your blog for your mom's birthday -- I'm easily swayed like that!

  2. You look beautiful, Page. You are glowing. Love it. Great talking the other day, and miss you like crazy. See you in about a month!!


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