Tuesday, May 31, 2011

20 weeks (half way!)

20 weeks

I really, really can't believe that this pregnancy is half way over! In the beginning, I felt like the days were dragging by. Now, I just want things to slow down a little bit because when I think about all the things I'd like to happen between now and the little one's arrival, I start to get the shakes.

Also, how do you take care of a baby anyway? Yikes. Just keeping it real.

So what's going on with our boy? There's not much to report except that he's the size of a banana and he's learning how to swallow. And he moves a lot, especially when I first start a meal and when I start to settle down for the evening. I think that might be my most favorite thing right now. A few times this week, I've actually felt him from the outside of my belly, which made me smile. I tried to get Andrew to feel, but he can't tell the difference between a muscle twitch and baby kicks. Hopefully, in a few weeks it'll be easier for him to notice.

In other baby news, we're working hard to get the nursery cleaned out. What is now the office will become the guest bedroom and what's now the guest bedroom will become the nursery. So we have a lot to do to get all of that ready, but it's fun. I like to stand in that room and think about our boy being in there in a few months.

It's so crazy and surreal, but it's happy. So happy.

1 friends said...:

  1. like.

    is he as thin as a banana, or are they just using the length as the guide? with y'all's genes, i wouldn't be surprised if he can be compared to a banana in both length and width. my kids will be potatoes. :-D

    can't wait for the little man to get here!!


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