Thursday, September 20, 2012

two sundays, three food festivals

Tis the season for good food, apparently. I'm used to all the yummies coming out over the summer months down South and I was a little disappointed not to have anything on my calendar as June, July and August ticked by. But then SEPTEMBER came. And September is where it's at.

Two weeks ago we went to a Greek Food Festival and The Taste of Mystic. Last weekend, we went to the Garlic Festival and it was just as awesome as you could imagine.

Jack was the perfect tag-a-long. He sampled a lot of what we had and was especially fond of the tortilla from our fish taco and the Thai chicken on a stick. That's my boy.

When he wasn't sneaking bites from my plate, he was just being all cute and stopping people in their tracks when they walked by his stroller. Typical. Unfortunately, it's rare to have Andrew around on the weekends for something like that, so it was nice to take advantage. I do love those boys, especially when they're together.




1 friends said...:

  1. three food festivals! how awesome...looks like ya'll had wonderful time and ate some delicious food.


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