Tuesday, September 25, 2012

no whining here


Confession: I sat down to write something whiny.

The last few days have been challenging (to say the least) and I currently find myself angry with a lot. The approaching winter season, unreliable customer service, the Navy, AT&T, the IKEA kitchen department, Rudy, sleepless nights and runny noses. I'm mad at all of it.

But there's no sense getting myself worked up over any of those things. I'm going to write a Thankful List instead.
+ I'm thankful for a husband who has a well-paying job that keeps us all safe and free, even when he's not around to enjoy it.
+ I'm thankful for cell phones and the internet and electricity and heat.
+ I'm thankful that my baby can fight off a cold and that he'll let me snuggle him a little more in the process.
+ I'm thankful for a dog that lets me know when a stranger is too close to the house.
+ I'm thankful for coffee. Oh man, am I thankful for coffee.
+ I'm thankful for family who will travel far and wide for first birthdays.
+ I'm thankful for an able body that can clean and cook and do the laundry and make stationery and read and write and sit in the floor to play with toy trains.
+ I'm thankful that I'm no longer a slave to the things that try to steal my joy. Amen and amen.
+ I'm thankful for a beautiful, beautiful day.
I feel better already! Let's trade the complaining for warm and fuzzies, shall we?

I'll work on it if you will :)

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