Monday, September 17, 2012

eleven months with jack

My sweet boy,

How did we get here? Almost one?! You're so big.

We're seeing so much of your personality these days. We're learning how you think and what sorts of things interest you and what makes you laugh. It's so fun to watch you explore and learn and experience.

You smile and laugh so easily. That's always been a trademark of yours and I love it. You're into everything and we've started baby-proofing certain things, like the door to the basement stairs and the poison-filled cabinets. You like to open and close doors, empty baskets, pull books off the shelves. Typical baby things, but you don't know that. You look at me like, "Did you just see this cabinet door open?!" and I feign excitement because then I see the twinkle in your eye change from wonderment to pride and I like feeling like I've built you up just a little bit more. Then we clap, which is another new trick of yours that you really like. It makes me laugh when I hear you clapping for no particular in the backseat of the car.

The things that make you happiest are, really, the things you've always loved: me, Rudy, your daddy, food and the giraffe that lives in your crib. And if he ever makes a trip out of your crib, you beam. Lately, you've especially enjoyed your baths. You splash and laugh and dance and make your daddy and me laugh so hard that we can't breathe. Those little family moments are my favorite, so thank you.

You'll eat anything and some new favorites this month are whole wheat tortillas, toast, cheese sticks and black beans. We really don't hesitate to give you anything. You ate some of our gyro at the Greek food festival last weekend like it was no big deal. You big boy.

When it's time for a diaper change, you cry like you're completely devastated. I think it's because you'd rather be roaming around the house. You've started pulling up on things and your favorite spot to hang out is the front door where you can watch the cars drive by. When it's the trash truck, nothing can break your concentration and you crane your neck to look until it's completely out of sight. 

You know what we mean when we say ball, mama, daddy, Rudy or Cheerios. Your response to, "Do you want some Cheerios?" is "mmmMMMmmm!!!" and that always makes us laugh. 

You like kisses and when you're being held, you hold back.

You're just a lot of fun, little boy, and we love you. A whole lot.

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