Wednesday, April 18, 2012

six months with jack


My sweet, sweet boy.

I finally have the free moments I've been looking for to say all there is to say to you. This is a baby book of sorts and I didn't want to leave anything out, you know?

On your actual half-birthday, we were running errands together and as we were walking through the parking lot I happened to notice the time. 2:33pm. Six months ago at that time, you were just minutes old and we barely knew each other. And then there we were. Little buddies just walking along. You with your hand on my cheek and a smile on your face, the norm when you're in my arms. You make me want to have a thousand babies when you do that.

Lately, I've been feeling panicked that I won't remember everything about you at this age. There is just so much sweetness oozing out of you at any given moment and I want to bottle it up and hold it in my heart forever.

You are so quick with the smiles and I think that's my favorite thing about you. It's rare that we can't get one out of you and we spend most of our time trying. Even when you're upset, you'll do a little laugh-cry thing that makes us want to give you whatever you want. And it makes it hard to get anything done around here. Not because you're a handful, but because I can't walk by you or look in your direction without getting that bright-eyed smile of yours - like you're seeing me for the first time in days - and there's no way I'm just going to keep walking. That sort of cuteness is meant to be enjoyed as much as possible! It's good for the soul.

When we read together, you stop every few pages to look up at me. You always put your hand on my cheek and you always smile real big, like you just can't handle the excitement of that moment.

I can't handle it either, little boy. It makes my heart just crack right open.

I don't know how much you weigh or how long you are, because I always forget to check those things out when you're awake. We're having too much fun doing other things. But you're heavy and you're long. You're in the big boy car seat now, which you love. You like to look out the window and when the weather is nice, we'll roll the windows down so you can feel the wind. You usually have your tongue sticking out at that point, which gives us a nice laugh.

You're starting to try real food, but you're still more interested in the mommy milk. And I don't mind that. You'll nom on some frozen bananas from time to time, which is a nice little distraction during the witching hour when I'm trying to get dinner ready and your daddy isn't home yet. We're in no rush, so you just take your time. I feel so thankful to still be able to give you what you need.

You're thisclose to sitting up on your own, but you've got a big noggin, so it's taking a little while. And while you know how to roll over, you kind of hate being on your tummy so you don't do anything that will land you there.

And everything! is a new! discovery! It's nice to be able to hand you random things to keep you quiet for a little while. In church the other day, the bulletin distracted you for a good 15 minutes. And when we meet daddy for lunch sometimes, you're mesmerized by his red water bottle and name tag. Someone told me once that the best part of parenting was seeing the world through your baby's eyes. I totally get that now.

My boy. I could go on and on. Six months has never gone by so quickly, nor has it ever been so full. Thank you for that.

Happy half-birthday, little one.

3 friends said...:

  1. So sweet. He is a cutie for sure!

  2. First of all -- he's SO.STINKIN.CUTE! Harrison is almost EIGHT months -- where has the time gone??? Second -- in those last few pictures - is that your house??! With those huge windows and all that natural light?! You lucky, lucky girl!! :)

    1. I know! I'm always shocked when the next month rolls around. And YES! The natural light! It's in our sunroom and we are loving that. Huge perk for this house!


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