Monday, April 23, 2012

bringing a little green up in here

Andrew has been saying for months that he wanted to fill our house with plants. He wants them so badly, in fact, that he's currently trying to grow an avocado tree in the sunroom. I know. We won't tell him that we live in Connecticut.

And I don't know why, but decorating with inside plants kind of intimidates me. I can fill a hundred hanging basket with flowers for my porch, but what in the world do I put inside? TOO MANY CHOICES! About the same time I was having this little crisis about how to bring some green indoors, The Nester wrote this perfectly packaged little post about that very thing. And I was inspired.

So I took myself shopping for plants. And y'all?

An obsession was born.

I want to fill all the pots with all the plants and put them in all the rooms in my house. They just make me feel so happy! Add a vase with fresh cut flowers from my yard and I'm in heaven. Who cares if I haven't hung any pictures on the wall, we have plants!

Care to join me for a little plant tour?


This one is my favorite. It's a potted Hydrangea that I got at Lowes around Easter and the color is just lovely. And it reminds me of our beloved Charleston. It greets me from the living room every morning when I come down the hall.

plants 3

This is in the dining room. I took a chance and married this random house plant with a succulent. Who knows if they can cohabitate, but I think they look great together. I got that urn at The Christmas Tree Shops and I love the blue against the brown of the hutch. (Still need to figure out if I want to hang that window there. I'm thinking not.)

plants 2

On to the sunroom! Begonias. Swoon. That little yellow plant stand was a thrift store find in Charleston. And that greenish hydrangea is FAKE. It fools people all the time. Also, a plant in a tea cup? Precious.


I'm hoping to add some herbs to this little table, which Andrew built out of an old shutter, since it gets so much great light. I had fun with the planters here. You can see part of the blue planter I have in the corner, which will soon be filled with yummy basil. The turquoise vase belonged to Andrew's great grandmother. The African Violet is in another Christmas Tree Shops vase and that little galvanized tin was in the dollar spot at Target last year.


We found this guy (a Calathea) at Lowes for $9. It has the coolest swirly leaves that are purple on the underside. So fun.

Personally, I think the green thumbs in my life should be proud.

I'm actually kind of amazed at how much life it brings to our house. Plants really do warm up the space and keep it from feeling stark. I love it. And I'm having fun thinking about all the possibilities for our sunroom. Avocado tree included.

Hooray for plants!

4 friends said...:

  1. Beautiful flowers! I especially like the yellow ladder. There's an empty corner on my screened in porch that could use one of those. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks! I have no idea if it was even meant for plants, but we got it at a going-out-of-business sale at a thrift store in Charleston for really cheap - and it works!

  2. Beautiful! You now need LOTS of plant watering globes. Check on this site on house plants. It's benefits are amazing!

    1. I love this! Who knew? Now I have an excuse to get more and more and more :)


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