Friday, April 6, 2012

five random things (v7)

I couldn't come up with 10 today. I got distracted by the cuteness that is Jack in a hat.

1. The Johnsons are coming! The Johnsons are coming! I'm picking up my parents from the airport TONIGHT and will have them here until Tuesday. It will be so nice to have some familiar faces around here. And of course, someone else to share snuggles with the boy.

2. Couch-to-5k Progress: One week down. I'm doing it, y'all! I finished the first week and I'm feeling good! I've discovered two things about running. One, there is no shower like a post-run shower. Amen and amen. And two, listening to good music while running might lead you to unknowingly sing out loud and before you know it, you've embarrassed yourself in front of the new neighbors.

3. Jack has a tongue obsession. I would say that he's sticking his tongue out about 50% of the time that he's awake. It started when I started running. I think he liked feeling the wind? I don't know, but he does it A LOT now and it just cracks me up. 

Picnik collage

4. I put the tongue obsession to good use. And taught him a new trick! 

5. We should talk about the hat, shouldn't we? Isn't it the cutest? I got it at a consignment shop (I think it's H&M) so that the sun wouldn't blind him when we walk/run down to the park. And he's just so scrumptious when he wears it!

Picnik collage

I love that picture where he's in the stroller with his feet kicked up on the tray. So much attitude.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some cleaning to do. There's nothing like a little last minute, company is coming! cleaning on a Friday :)

2 friends said...:

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  2. He certainly is WEARING that hat!!! OH, the cuteness! Love to you All! Aunt Lisa


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