Saturday, January 14, 2012

weekly snapshots (v6)

Weeks 6 and 7 were skipped, due to a case of the Christmas crazies. But here's a little glimpse into what life has looked like for us over the last three weeks...

Picnik collage

+ That grin! It kills me.
+ Rudy enjoying the sunshine.
+ Fragle glass? Maybe it's extra strong!
+ Boxes. They were everwhere.
+ The movers are here!
+ And then they let all the warm air out of the house while loading up.

Picnik collage

+ Froggy PJs from Uncle Tyler.
+ Happy New Year!
+ Doing a little dreaming about kitchens.
+ Andrew has a lazy shoulder. Can you see which one it is?
+ Feeling his "softie" from Nonni. He's noticing textures now and it's adorable.
+ My favorite, favorite boys.

Picnik collage

+ Let the road trip begin! I think this is Richmond?
+ He was a total trooper. Just keep me fed, mama!
+ Rudy had the whole cargo area of the Jeep to himself. And he was a happy camper.
+ NYC!
+ George Washington Bridge
+ The first sign for CT.

Picnik collage

+ Ready for the cold weather!
+ Not a bad view from our rental house.
+ I don't really want to live on Hurlbutt Rd. Thanks, though.
+ Watchdog.
+ Snuggled up, watching Rudy play in the back yard while waiting for Daddy to get home.
+ Being entertained at the car dealership.

Also, in other baby news, check out Jack's newest trick:

And it gets louder every day.

These pictures make me happy, y'all. I love it.

3 friends said...:

  1. is that red & black sleeper from carters? i just bought it for my friend. also, that picture i the top left corner definitely looks like richmond to me, i am very familiar with that drive! glad you guys are so happy up in CT and getting settled.

  2. TAG! You're it :)

  3. The happy new year photo has been my phone background for a couple weeks now. He's cute. Glad y'all are getting settled!


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