Tuesday, January 24, 2012

weekly snapshots (v7)

Picnik collage

+ The pacifier smiles get me every time.
+ I'm tired of sitting, Mama. I think I'll just lounge instead.
+ Three months old. Ack.
+ Little buddies.
+ Andrew came back from the deep blue and was exhausted. And since snuggling is Rudy's love language, they had a nice afternoon together.
+ Watching it snow.

Picnik collage

+ He's started resting his head on my shoulder after his morning feeding and it kills me. That sweet kid - my heart's melting just thinking about it.
+ Pleeeaaase let me sit with you guys. I promise I won't lick the baby.
+ A little tummy time.
+ I sent this picture to my parents and my dad said, "Where'd he get those ears??"
+ Bundled up for our walk. Jack loved facing outward in the Moby.
+ Snow day snack. A hotdog from a local diner. What else?
+ We drove by OUR house to see it in the snow. Can't wait to move in!
+ My first attempt at New England style clam chowder. Success! Recipe coming soon to a blog near you.

Thank goodness for camera phones, amen?

2 friends said...:

  1. Sweet pictures. Love them! And your little boy is just precious...that smile!! :)

  2. Pacifier smiles are the best! It took my son a while, but he can literally smile all day long and belly laugh and STILL keep it in his mouth!!


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