Tuesday, January 17, 2012

jack: three months




0-3 months? Yeah right. He's mostly 3-6 and even some 6 months.


Still a champ and believe me, I'm not taking it for granted. He goes down around 7pm or 7:30pm and sometimes he goes right to sleep, sometimes he gabs at himself for thirty minutes. Then he's up at 7am and ready to go!


He's started crying more intensely lately. He still doesn't cry a lot, but where he used to just fuss, now he CRIES. Like, frowny face and teary eyes and deep breaths before letting out a wail. It kills me.


The play mat with the toys hanging down (which he's started reaching for, by the way).
The first person to peek into his crib in the morning.
Being read to.


Being left alone in a room.
The car seat.
The Connecticut cold. I thought his eyes were going to bug out of his head the first time we stepped outside here.
Getting his diaper changed when he's hungry.


This kid, he makes me so happy.

But you know what doesn't make me happy? Accidentally deleting weeks 9-11 of his weekly pictures. WOMP WOMP. Oh well, there's always next month! :)

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