Monday, January 16, 2012

dear three-month-old jack


Dear Jack,

You are three months old today! I honestly can't believe it.

There's this thing that moms say about their kids. Each mom says it differently, but the gist is that their children make them happier than they could ever imagine. I used to hear moms say that and while I knew you would make me happy, I thought that what they were saying was a little cliche.


Oh, I had no idea.

When I think about the time I've spent as a mother, I honestly can't believe it hasn't been longer. The last three months have been hard and exhausting. But when I think about the time I've had with you? I can't believe how fast it's gone by! There's no way that the tiny, wrinkly little boy whose eyes were still kind of stuck together is already three months old. You're growing up right before me and it's amazing.


You are such a joy, Jack. Your dad and I comment regularly about how you make our lives so much sweeter just by being you. In the midst of all the crazy that's been taking place with the move, you keep us grounded. You keep us happy. You and your precious little smile that you flash so easily. The way you study things. The way you strum your daddy's fingers like a guitar when he's got you in his lap. Your chubby little cheeks. Your happy eyes. The way you talk to your jungle friends. And lately, your new laugh has me feeling like my heart might just burst right open.


I can't believe you're ours.

It's true, what those moms say. The joy you've brought to this house and this family is unspeakable.


Also, today is your Papa Johnson's 50th birthday! Pretty cool that you get to share this day with him, right? He adores you. And you always give him the biggest, slyest of smiles when he talks to you, so I think you like him, too. I'm pretty sure you two are going to be best buds.

Happy Birthday to you and Happy Birthday to Papa. We love you lots.

3 friends said...:

  1. It really is so true that they change your life in the best way, and bring more joy than you ever could have imagined! He's adorable. Happy 3 months! :)

  2. wow 3 months already!? time flies!! my baby is almost 3 weeks ahhh!!! jack is ADORBS!!


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