Friday, January 20, 2012

ten random things

{one} Andrew had his first underway earlier this week and was gone for a few days. I didn't say anything because it was all top secret and stuff. Kind of. But we sure did miss him around these parts. I took a bajillion pictures and videos of Jack and then pelted him with stories as soon as we picked him up. Good times.

s is for sub

{two} We made an offer on a house with a view and were outbid by someone else. MAJOR bummer. We made an offer on another house with the most ridiculous sunroom. Now, we wait. Seriously, I'm already picturing myself drinking coffee in there.


{three} SNOW! We've seen flurries here and there since our arrival two weeks ago, but they're calling for 6-8 inches this weekend. I'm thinking movies and coffee and soup, amen? I told Andrew we were going to be snowed in and he said, "Alright! That means we can't spend any money this weekend!"


{four} Rudy is de-pressed, y'all. Sad faces all around. Between Jack's arrival and our current yardless living situation, I think he's lost the will to live. And it's quite possible that he's going a little insane. Yesterday, he jumped around in circles for several seconds and then sat perfectly straight and still, staring into the kitchen. At nothing.


{five} I need to tell you more about cloth diapers because we are loving them. This morning, I was holding Jack and feeling his fluffy little bum and thought of like 10 reasons why I love them so. I'll put that on the docket for next week.


{six} I just finished The Art of Racing in the Rain about a week and a half ago and while it sounds ridiculous because it's written from a dog's perspective, I still cannot stop thinking about that book. So good.


{seven} You know what's scary? Driving in the snow and ice. You know what's really scary? Driving in the snow and ice with your sweet, sleeping babe in the backseat. With cars scattered all along the side of the road. That was our scene last night and I realized three things: a) I love that kid, b) he makes things more intense and c) I'm so thankful that we can afford a safe vehicle.


{eight} If you follow me on Pinterest, I've been blowing up your boards with all kinds of decorating stuff in preparation for buying a house. Sorry about that. Except, not really because IT'S SO FUN.


{nine} I think women need to be more brutally honest about what pregnancy, delivery and post-partum life are really like. Because it's not all butterflies and fairies and there's a lot that no one told me that came as a bit of a shock. Ew and ow. Related: I'm close to shaving my head because OMG the shedding. I'm going to be bald in a few days, of that I am certain.


{ten} I'm toying with the idea of taking a Photoshop class. For those of you who know how to use it, are there any resources I could use to teach myself? Or would a class be helpful? I would like to do a little more with the pictures we take and I'm also fascinated by graphic design. And who doesn't need another hobby?


The end. Happy Friday!

5 friends said...:

  1. I lovedddd the book The Art of Racing in the Rain. He made my heart melt while he tried to fix Denny's life <3 And I totally can relate to the shedding! I thought all of my hair was going to fall out in the shower--no one warned me about that!

  2. Hey Page! There are a ton of Photoshop courses on I have a login through McKinney, but not sure how much an individual subscription is. I've also heard this woman teaches good online courses:
    And I mostly use the Pioneer Woman's free actions (in combination with the spot healing tool!) which you can teach yourself to use:
    Even though I'm getting more comfortable with editing photos, I've found I'm still absolutely lost when it comes to graphic design in Photoshop. They're two totally different ballgames! Good luck!

  3. So I just popped over from E Tells Tales's link up and thought I'd say hi. Um, agreed about women being more honest about having children. The shedding was crazy! My hair is slowly growing back, but nowhere close to normal yet. I have these little pieces all around my face that either curl and look awful or stick straight out and look awful. Anyway, I enjoyed your post! Take care!

  4. LOL! I had the same problem with my hair. When Charlie was about 5 months I actually had to cut off about 6 inches because it looked like I had a mullet...apparently it has something to do with nursing.
    Also, as for photoshop, while I haven't tried to learn it, I have used some Youtube tutorials for different Excel functions and they are amazing -- and free! I would chekc there before paying for anything.

  5. I can also think of 10 reasons why I love using cloth diapers! Malkin just got a Dr. Seuss one!


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