Thursday, January 12, 2012

the house of rest


The few weeks leading up to our move were crazy. Some good crazy and some bad crazy, but mostly the kind of crazy that leaves you exhausted and a little bit emotional.

When we found out that our realtor had found a furnished beach cottage for us to stay in while we looked for a house, I couldn't wait to put my bags down inside those walls. The only pictures we saw were those that she snapped on her phone, but we knew it was going to be just what we needed.

A place to unpack while we got our bearings. A place to keep us warm. A place for us to rest.

I still want to take some pictures of this place, but we haven't been able to experience that rest just yet and so I'm waiting for an opportunity when I have nothing to do but get out my camera. It's been a lot of unpacking and house hunting and car shopping and Navy stuff and Jack stuff up in here.

In the meantime, picture the sweetest little cottage with a sunroom on the front. Hardwood floors throughout, a small but cozy kitchen, creaky stairs with three bedrooms at the top. It's not glamorous by any means, but it's home for now. And the surroundings are nice:


Soon. Soon, my friends, I will do nothing but sit on this squishy couch within these drafty walls, snuggled up by the fire with my favorite boys.

And we will rest.

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