Sunday, January 2, 2011

because quality time is my love language

Today can't end. This has been the most fun/restful/enjoyable period of time we've had in a while and if today ends, it's all over. Sad face.

After gobs and gobs of traveling and family time, we got back home to sunny Charleston around midnight on Wednesday. We made a decision not to do a single thing on Thursday. No unpacking, no laundry, no cleaning, no anything except resting. And so the Day-o-Fun was born.

We really, really relaxed. We slept in and spent the morning watching Food Network. We enjoyed lunch at our favorite burger spot down the road. We got acquainted with my new Christmas present. We ate pizza for dinner. We stayed up late because of the aforementioned Christmas present. And it was glorious.

Lucky for me, the Day-o-Fun turned into the Weekend-o-Fun when Andrew spent an hour studying and said, "mmmm, no thank you." So we did a lot of sleeping in and lounging and laughing and snacking and playing games and watching 24 and staying up late and drinking cappuccino, courtesy of Andrew's new espresso machine. Then we took down Christmas decorations and cleaned and laundered and enjoyed the spring-like weather. All has been right in our world.

And now? Tomorrow. It's looming. Marking seven weeks until Power School is over. And in the meantime, I'll bundle up this time and store it in my reserve for when my spirit is low.

Because this has been oh so good for the soul.

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