Monday, January 24, 2011

marvelous prints: new designs

Happy Monday, dear friends.

First things first, I can't tell you how sweet your comments/emails have been as I write out the story of how I came to be a Castrodale. Really, it's been a blessing. One thing I've heard over and over again is that it's clear how God had complete control over our relationship. And whoa, what a joy it is to hear that! Our prayer has always been that our lives scream divine intervention to anyone looking in. Our relationship and life together have been nothing but a series of God moments, where we're left shaking our head at how perfectly He has stepped in. It's beautiful. As my sweet friend Jenny put it: we're living happily ever after. And I know exactly why.

Moving on :)

I was busy this weekend! Remember how I designed a few Christmas cards last year? Well I couldn't fight the itch to keep on with that, so I've listed a few more generic designs in the Etsy shop!

Maybe you need to wish someone a Happy Birthday?

Happy Birthday Banner 2

Or send a thank you?

Leaf Thank You (Flat) 2

Maybe you're going to a bridal shower?

His/Hers Mug (Front)

Or you might just want to send a simple hello to a friend...

Yellow Songbird 2

They're cute, no? I love, love, love the Yellow Songbird. And a very dear friend just recently asked if I'd design her wedding invitations. Oh heavens, yes. Anything for you, love :)

I told you I had big plans! A girl's gotta do whatever she can to stay busy when her soulmate is out defending our nation's security (dramatic, right?). At least I'm not spending money.

For now.

But I just inspected my closet and the spring/summer-appropriate attire is sparse. I live in Charleston, for crying out loud. Someone get me some shorts.

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