Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i think your handwriting is pretty

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel."
-Maya Angelou-

When I was in the third grade, my best friend turned in her writing assignment to our teacher. We were learning how to write in cursive. Mrs. Dickerson was so impressed with Ramsey's handwriting that she ran across the hall to show one of the other teachers. It was a conversation that the teachers had out of sincerity, not out of the desire to make this child feel proud. Can you believe how neat her handwriting is? It's better than mine! When Mrs. Dickerson came back, she picked my friend up in a hug and said, "You're just great, Ramsey. Did you know that?"

I spent the rest of the week writing as neatly as possible, taking my time and making sure that every loop and curl was perfect. I wanted so badly to be recognized that way - to feel that proud.

That is our nature, isn't it? To want to be noticed? We want to be talked about in a flattering way. We want someone to tell us that we're funny, that we're a good public speaker, that we're creative, that we're a good writer. And that our handwriting is pretty. We say things like "I don't know why I bought this dress." Oh my gosh, are you kidding? It looks great on you! And those of us who are more bold just come right out with it: "Look at this thing I made." {Gasp!} It's beautiful! You are so talented!

We've all done it, really. In our moments of absolute insecurity, we say things like that because we want someone to tell us that we matter.

That we're beautiful.

That we're smart.

That we're worth it.

That our handwriting is pretty.

But I think that having those thoughts - those desires for affirmation - is just so natural. Something in us cries for recognition. We just know that something is worth being recognized. We just know it.

This morning during my prayer time, I was reading about transforming into the likeness of Christ and wondering what that actually means. What I came to was this: in order to be like Christ, I have to know who Christ is. And maybe I can find pieces of His character in the way He sees me. He thinks highly of me. And it's not considered embarassing or proud to say that.

He thinks I'm beautiful.

He thinks I'm funny.

He thinks I'm smart.

He thinks I'm talented.

He thinks I'm good.

He thinks my handwriting is pretty.

And by knowing what He thinks of me, how He made me, I know who He is. He is so, so good. And affectionate. And patient. And He loves hard. And He enjoys me. And He put creativity in me, so He adores seeing what I do with it. He's eager to say, "yes! yes! I do think you're wonderful! I'm so glad you see it, too." How great it is to know this kind of love.

How do I become more like Christ? I am to be good. And loving. And patient. And I'm to enjoy the things that make others happy - the things that allow them to exercise traits and talents given to them by their Father.

And then maybe, they will feel good. And they will remember that they felt good. And they will see in me a love so unconditional that it had to be from Another.


In an attempt to have a reason to write more often, I'm participating in a Writer's Workshop each week, just for fun :)

6 friends said...:

  1. such an encouraging post and a needed reminder that I need to be more like Christ! thank you!

  2. Oooh, fun! I'm going to join the writer's workshop, too!! You know I have to copy everything you do...

  3. I love what you did with this post, the experience through the eyes of a child and then again as an adult. Beautiful. :)

  4. What a great post! Good thoughts!
    Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

  5. This is an amazing post! It's so hard sometimes to think about ourselves in God's perspective rather than our own.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's...

  6. I remember that incident...the post was great ladybug! Thanks for the pick-me-up..I miss Mrs. Dickerson's class :)


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