Thursday, January 13, 2011

because he knows i'm scared of pesticide-ridden milk

Also known as, reason #362 why I

There has been a revolution in our home. A food revolution, if you will. It started back in July, when we read Food Rules and vowed to follow them all. And we have been, for the most part. We've drastically cut out processed foods, we buy organic when it makes sense and we eat so many vegetables that I think we may have accidentally become quasi-vegetarians. Of course, we were better about that in the summer than we are now; our preference is to buy local and it's too cold for anything good to grow. A girl can only eat so many squashes and potatoes, amen?

But my obsession with making sure that the food we eat doesn't contain anything that isn't meant to be our bodies has morphed into something a little more...crunchy. We're eliminating canned foods from our pantry because of the amount of BPA found in the lining. We've switched to all-natural homemade cleaning products, since many others contain xenoestrogens (or synthetic estrogen) which are linked to all kinds of medical issues - including reproductive ones. AND I'm in the process of investigating what I put on my skin by way of beauty products to make sure there aren't any yuckies seeping in.

Are you still reading this, or have you chalked me up as a looney and moved on?

In some ways, it is absolutely extreme. And I'm not naive enough to think that I can shake all of this out of my life. Let's be real - unless we live in a nudist colony and eat plants, it's not happening. And if that's the alternative, I really don't want it to. But the more I research, the more I'm aware of how there's a bunch of stuff in our diet and our makeup and our clothes and our laundry detergent that really shouldn't be there. And it hasn't been there long enough for us to know the real effects, which makes me nervous. So if we can eliminate some of the threats (and do so cheaply, i.e. clean with vinegar) then why wouldn't I?

Which brings me BACK to this guy:

He's cute, right?

And every time I find an article or read a report that fuels my desire to live on a ranch where I grow/raise/make everything that is consumed in our household, he gets it. He totally lets me get rid of his beloved Kraft singles (because that stuff is NOT cheese). We've been having the "milk" discussion, since it's listed as one of the Dirty Dozen (foods that should be organic). Should we pay twice as much for organic? Or switch to something like soy? Will we still get the proper amount of nutrients from milk that isn't supplied by a cow? Is raw milk safe? And on and on and on.

So this morning, when I woke up, there was an article pulled out of the WSJ that he'd placed on the kitchen table before he left for work, knowing that I'd see it. It was all about almond milk and how it's the "new milk."

That boy. He's a keeper.

PS: I don't judge. I really, really, really don't. I don't stick up my nose at your Kraft singles and if we're being honest, I'll probably be excited if you have it as a cheese option when you serve me burgers at your house. We're just doing what works for our family. No stone-throwing here.
PS II: Yes, we are probably switching to Almond milk.
PS III: We have no intention of naming our future child Rain.

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  1. YES almond milk is the best! you won't regret the decision to switch. vanilla flavored almond milk + coffee = pure delight.


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