Monday, November 1, 2010

weekend visitors are the b-e-s-t

It's a good thing we live somewhere awesome, because we might not get visitors otherwise. And since the Navy does a good job of keeping us confined to the great state of South Carolina, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't see our amazing friends and fam if they weren't willing to come this way. And look who came this weekend!

Andrew's parents got here on Friday, just in time for dinner at our favorite Italian place. Saturday was spent downtown, enjoying some culinary delights at Poogan's Porch, popping in and out of antique stores and partaking in a fab cooking class. I first experienced this class, Charleston Cooks, during a girls weekend when Andrew was at OCS. This particular class is called Taste of the Lowcountry, where you get the history of this region's food, along with a demonstration on how to make a Lowcountry meal. Delish.

On the menu this time? Shrimp and grits, with a skillet apple crisp. Yes, please. I learned a billion things about kitchen prep and cooking and now I have an insatiable desire to go to culinary school. And buy a new chef's knife. And pots and pans. Amazing, I tell you.

We wandered around a little more, until it was getting dark. See how we're shopping here?

Courtesy of Andrew, the random photog.

And after dinner at our favorite burger dive joint, we turned in early.

Sunday, we joined our church (yay!) and it was very special to have his parents there for that. We are SO super thankful to have found this church. To say it is an answer to a prayer is such an understatement. Really.

We're grateful to still be within driving distance of family. It makes such a huge difference when we start to feel a little homesick and isolated. I try not to think about the days when we might be across the country (or world, eeks!) because I might cry. I might just cry.

And of course, in honor of Halloween, here's our little jack-o-lantern.

He was great with the trick-or-treaters, except the kids with masks. Those made him tuck his tail and hide behind Andrew, poor guy. But other than that, he was super sweet and the kiddos loved him. He's a keeper!

5 friends said...:

  1. Thanks! We had a wonderful time!!

  2. I think Andrew took a super cool photo. Great lighting. Great angle. He's artistic, that one. ;-)

  3. Your pooch is A-Dorable. Seriously, too cute!

  4. What a cute addition to the A & P Castrodale family!


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