Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the thankful jar

Let's be honest. I make up traditions on a regular basis. On any given day, I can decide that we should always eat with the butterfly napkins on Tuesdays or always burn a candle in the evenings. It's ridiculous, really. So imagine what happens around the holidays. I'm a tradition MACHINE, crankin' them out left and right. Like last week, in the form of this thankful jar.

I've read about people having a jar or a box or a notebook of some sort vessel for expressing thanks. One note a day for the month of November, to be revealed on Thanksgiving day. Sweet, right? I'm completely aware of the fact that Thanksgiving is like, next week, but I wanted to start anyway. It's our tradition.

First, I spraypainted an old yucky frame. Now it's a nice shiny brown. I arranged my wooden letters and some scrapbooks stickers onto a piece of burlap and slapped it in the frame. Now it's the designated thankful station.

Then, I tied a ribbon around a goodwill bowl and cut up some scrapbook paper to fill it full of our thankful thoughts.

And there you have it. The Castrodale Thankful Jar tradition is born.

PS: My mom and dad (and hopefully Tyler!) will be here in 6 days. SIX DAYS! :)

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