Wednesday, November 10, 2010

signed, sealed, delivered

Why, yes, it is 1:00 in the a-m. I was wide awake as of two hours ago, so I decided to get up and make myself useful. Bloggy, you sure do come in handy during times like these :) So with a cute puppy curled up at my side and eyelids that, I think, are about to be heavy, let me explain my latest time-passing endeavor...

Every year (and by every year, I mean the last two years) when I sit down to make our Christmas cards, I get reeaaally excited about it. I've designed the last two and I've loved every minute of it. I enjoy the actual design part, but I really love how personal they are. Love, love, love. So when I started thinking about our card for this year, I got a little carried away. And basically, I decided to give myself eight billion options. Here's a looksie (click to enlarge):

You like? I know we're not The Smiths, but it's a prototype, people. Go with it.

So then I thought to myself: Self, that a) took very little of your time and b) was extremely entertaining. What if I justified designing stationery by putting it on Etsy for $0.20, just to see if anyone else loved it all as much as I do?

Why, self. That's a great idea. And so that's what I did. What do I have to lose? Nothing really. Except maybe some time, but let's be honest. I've been looking for ways to lose that for a while. So, I bring you...Marvelous Prints. Custom stationery, designed by a Navy wife looking for ways to creatively pass the time. And just in time for the Christmas season!

And what about those Christmas card-ers who are looking for ways to include pictures of the fam? No worries, we'll just drop your pic right in...

Stop! I just can't stand how cute they are. This year, while you wonder about your Christmas Card options, you should stop on over at Marvelous Prints on Etsy. Let me know what you think! :)

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