Tuesday, September 13, 2011

pinterest inspiration: a headband holder


I know I'm not the only one who gets lost clicking through Pinterest these days. It's a dream come true for my Type-A self, who loves to tear a page out of a magazine and stick it in a subdivided binder for that one day when I'm ready to do something with it. Or at least just look at it again.

(For those of you who aren't familiar, check out this link. They do a better job of explaining it than I ever could.)

Not surprisingly, I do a lot of pinning and not a lot of doing. I fall in love with the ideas that I see, but rarely put them to use. So I decided to set a goal for myself: do something with at least one pin each month. And maybe that will turn into twice a month or once a week - who knows? But for now, once a month is good.

And today is the first one.

Things I like: headbands.
Things Andrew likes: a clutter-free countertop in the bathroom.
Things I don't have: free drawers in the bathroom.
Things I do have: headbands.

And we've come full circle.

I started on my quest for headband storage with little in mind - I didn't want something that hung on the wall, because that's not ideal for our bathroom setup. And I wanted something easily accessible because I wear headbands a lot these days and don't feel like having to dig around when I need one.

To the rescue:


A coffee mug holder! Yes, it's holding jewelry but if I found the right one, it could work. Right? Right. So I kept my eye open for something that fit the bill and decided to stop by Goodwill one day to see if I could find anything there.

And I did!

I don't have any "before" pictures, because I got carried away in the moment and didn't take any. But it was just a light-colored wood before I spray-painted it blue. And ta-da!


I think that it was also meant to hold utensils or something in the middle? I'm not sure. But it spins around, which is awesome, and is perfect for my collection.


And no more counter clutter. I win!

Have you been inspired by anything on Pinterest lately?

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