Monday, September 5, 2011

33 and 34 weeks

Picnik collage

It really has been quite crazy around here, hence the tummy pic hiatus last week. But we're back! Here are some updates for the people (read: grandmothers) following along:
  • He weighs about as much as a cantaloupe (4.75 lbs) and is around 18 inches long. Of course, we have an ultrasound coming up soon and that may tell us otherwise!
  • He's losing the wrinkled look and is packing on the pounds, which will help regulate his body temperature once he's born
  • His skeleton is hardening
  • His central nervous system is maturing, as are his lungs
  • And for those of you wondering what would happen if I went into labor anytime soon, babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do just as well as full-term babies
As for me, I'm doing about as well as a big pregnant lady can be doing at the end of a Charleston summer.

I kid - I'm still feeling very well, but I can feel myself getting more and more tired each day. It just takes a lot to operate a body under these conditions, you know? But despite all of that, the whole "nesting" thing has really kicked in. And I don't hate it. Like today when I swept, vacuumed, cleaned out three closets and a cabinet and did four loads of laundry - all in about two hours.

Just six-ish more weeks, folks. Question for the mamas: did your first baby come early or late?

(Please say early)

Happy Labor Day! :)

7 friends said...:

  1. 1 week and 3 days late!

  2. Carter came 8 days early! :)

    You made Luke laugh when he read the sentence about you being a big pregnant lady. He was like...yeah right. He would know too...he lives with a real one. ;) You're pregnant, yes.

    When are you having an ultrasound? And why? I've never had one this late in the game, but I'm actually having one Friday. They want to make sure she's not breech. A few weeks ago she was, and they want to check on that now that we're further along.

    I can't remember if I ever commented on your nursery post or not...but I love it!! You did a great job!

  3. Charlie was 8 days early, too!

  4. Haha! I knew I liked Luke for a reason ;) They schedule an ultrasound around 36 weeks to make sure he's head-down. Apparently, it's not as thorough as the others - they just want to check his position. Let me know how yours goes later this week!

  5. your almost there mama!!!! i am hoping my baby comes early!!! ;)

  6. They actually bumped mine up to today, so it's all done! She's head down, so that was great news! :) Can't wait to hear how yours goes. :)

  7. Merrit was 2 weeks early at 38 weeks (still considered full term even though he was on the smallish side at 6lbs, 6oz) and Ollie was 10 days late (and weighed in at 7lbs, 7oz).

    Ollie was breech, but was flipped through a skillful and gentle chiropractor. Amazing! Alas, he still came out via c-section. LOL.


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