Friday, July 22, 2011

letters to my son: wishes for you


At the shower in Concord, each of the guests was given a little note to fill out “Wishes for Baby.” I have read over them several times, coveting these prayers and hopes for our son, and I decided that I wanted to jot down some of my own thoughts on the matter…

Sweet baby,

I want so many things for you. I think about these things a lot, wondering what kind of boy you’ll be and praying that you have everything you need to be good and happy. I want to give you as many experiences and memories as possible. I want to teach you things, even hard things. I want good things for you, I hope you know that.

I hope that you are a dreamer like your daddy.
I hope you aren’t afraid of things you can’t control.
I hope you love fiercely and easily.
I hope you get to know everyone in your family well. And I hope you have many memories of each of them.
I hope you laugh infectiously.
I hope you never forget that we love you so, so much.
I hope you ignore obstacles. I’ve seen your daddy move mountains and I pray that you have that same ambition.
I hope you become the best version of you.
I hope you respect everyone until they give you a reason not to.
I hope you grow to love God and desire to walk with Him, but only when you’re ready – when you’re making the decision for yourself and no one else.

You mean so much to us already. I can’t wait to meet you, I can’t wait to watch you grow and I can’t wait to love you more.


2 friends said...:

  1. Alison / aPearantly SewJuly 22, 2011 at 10:49 PM

    I love this post! Such a sweet post from the heart of an already wonderful Mama.

  2. So sweet. Thank you.


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