Thursday, July 14, 2011

andrew's birthday trip

Dear Andrew,

Today is your birthday. I wish that you didn't have to work because I'm sure that doesn't feel very celebratory. All day I've been thinking about what I'd do for you, for your birthday, if I had all the money in the world.

And I decided that I'd take you to New York, our most favorite place to be (until you take me to Europe, of course).


I think I'd like to stay at The Plaza this time, because it's right by Central Park and that feels very "New York" to me. And because that's where they always go for drinks on Friends. They're always like, "Let's go to the Plaza!" and "Let's have drinks at the Plaza to celebrate!" I want to be able to say something like that to you. Just once.


I don't have many plans - I just want to walk around with you, like we love to do when we're in a new place. We like to take it all in without being touristy. I love that about you. We'll probably find a bench at some point to just sit on and talk and do some people-watching. You'll make me laugh, I bet.

Then I think we'll need a snack. So you know what we'll do??


Just kidding! That's for my birthday trip :)

I'll take you to some cool coffee shop, someplace non-Trump Towerish, so you can have some of your beloved espresso.


I'll ask them to put a heart in the foam because I looooove you.

Then, we'll need to go back to the room and change because I have a surprise for you! We're going to dinner somewhere swanky, but not like that one place we went on our honeymoon. Boo. I haven't figured out the exact place yet, but we're going somewhere with a lot of character. There will be steak and seafood and lots of beautiful culinary displays. We'll really enjoy it. And then?


Les Mis! Because I know you love it and you want me to love it, too. I'm sure I will.

After the show, we'll probably go have a glass of wine somewhere. And we'll stay up late because we love the city so much that we don't want to leave it.

I hope you have fun. You do so much for me on a regular basis - all I want to do is make this day special for you. You are the greatest gift and I'm so thankful for the life we have together.

Happy Birthday. I love you!

1 friends said...:

  1. I can't think of a better birthday gift...even if it's just the idea!


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