Sunday, August 1, 2010

spicing things up a bit

Happy Sunday!

Andrew and I are on a roll - we've been having the world's most productive weekends this month. I love it. This time around, we conquered the farmers market, every Goodwill within a 10-mile radius (for real), the grocery store, Habitat Restore AND we've managed to clean the house, cut the grass, and refinish like four pieces of furniture. I told you we were on a roll. Gotta make the most of it all before the Navy owns him again. Amen?

Here I sit, with sore shoulders and the painter's claw (see above) trying REALLY hard not to fall asleep at 8:39pm. Today, the mood struck me to do some baking so I'm about to cozy up with some chocolate chip cookies and tell you a story. Ready? Ok.

I have developed a love for decorating with thrift store finds. For cooking HEALTHY food on the cheap. For making my own cleaning supplies (Thanks, Mir!). For sewing. For using fabric and NOT sewing. For gardening. For taking pictures. For living life efficiently and saving a few bucks. I mentioned earlier this week that my mission is to save as much as possible. You see, we've done a total budget overhaul. Not because we're in any kind of financial turmoil, but because we think it's smart to know how we're spending our money and to do more to spend less. Or at least keep ourselves from spending unnecessarily. And we better start now so we can send ALL our babies to college and not just our favorites :)

All that to say, I've enjoyed these things so much that I want to talk more about it! Every time I find something at the thrift store and find its inner beauty, or find a way to only spend a couple of dollars on dinner, the folks I tell want to know more. So instead of boring you other folks (hey, Dad!) that have no interest in my refinished sofa table, I decided to keep it separate. Enter Thrifty, Nifty & Wise. My own little girly blog where I can talk about my most favorite girly, home-related things. And I'll still keep this blog up for all you other peeps. Business in the front, party in the back, if you will.

So that's my latest project! I hope you like it :)

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