Sunday, August 15, 2010

our neurotic puppy

That's one of my favorite Rudy pictures, taken when we were snowed in this past winter. He is cra-zy. We knew that he had a few little quirks, but recently he's gone a little off the deep end. And it's hilarious. Two of his biggest issues involve his eating habits:
  • His eating area must be completely clean before consuming a meal. If there is any kibble around the bowl, he cleans it up immediately. If there's a piece he can't reach, he does his Lassie routine until we move it for him.
  • He won't eat if there is a divot in his food. Sometimes his snout will make a little crater in his food and he goes into meltdown mode, until we shake it out so it's level again.
  • He doesn't like being able to see the bottom of the bowl. Scares him a bit. So we have to always keep it full, just in case.
He also doesn't like it if Andrew and I aren't seated in the same room. He'll bark/whine/growl at one of us until he has our attention and can lead us to the other. And if anything makes the slightest noise or movement in his presence, he's scared for life. The trash bag shifted when he was walking by and he was done for.

Is it possible for dogs to have OCD? Yesterday he developed a tic. I'm not even kidding.

Somebody pass the Prozac.

2 friends said...:

  1. i like that animals have eyebrows even though they clearly are way less useful than people eyebrows. rudy's portrait made me think of that.

    i like your dog. i also like that y'all are the ones having to deal with his neuroses. :-D

  2. That is HILAREOUS! That Rudy...!


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