Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ten months with jack

Baby Jack,

Double digits? No way.

I had planned to put you in some dapper little outfit and take you down to the beach for your 10-month photos. But as I watched you this morning, I realized that this is exactly how I want to remember you at this age: in my favorite onesie, with no pants on, crawling around the sunroom looking for things to get into.

That's my boy.

This month, you've learned to crawl and it's like you're seeing the world for the very first time. I guess you kind of are. And as exhausting it is to embark on this new stage with you, I love it. I see more and more of your personality every day and I couldn't be prouder to call you mine.

You're sleeping like a champ these days. Going down easily and sleeping for 12 hours or more, depending on how tired you are and what we did the day before. And while your afternoon naps are hit or miss, you'll give me a solid two hours in the morning. It's nice to have that time to get things done, but I always miss you. Judging by the smile on your face when I open the door, I think you miss me, too.

You will eat, literally, anything I put in front of you. You do a happy dance when I break out the Cheerios or your sippy cup. You like to look at books, but won't sit still long enough to be read to. It's okay, I understand that you've got places to go.

You would spend hours in the bathtub if I let you. You hate to have your diaper changed, but are easily distracted by little things like the lotion bottle. You're trying so hard to pull up on the furniture and get frustrated when you can't. I know it's just a matter of time before you've mastered that, too. You've started saying "wassat?" for "what's that" and it's the sweetest thing ever. You whisper it, like you've just discovered a secret. 

You like to play this game with people where you tilt your head to the side and wait for them to do it back. I always feel sorry for you when strangers don't pick up on it. But you aren't discouraged, you just smile and keep on doing it and they think you're just the sweetest baby.

And if they knew you like I know you, they'd know that you are.

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  1. Love that boy and you too Precious Page

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