Tuesday, August 14, 2012

he crawls!

And from now on, pictures of him will be blurry. Forever.

The Saturday that Aunt Rita was here, he got bold and crawled across the living room after a stack of magazines - that he promptly scattered around the room. We made a big fuss (about the crawling, not the magazines) and he hasn't slowed down since.

I was hoping that he'd ease into the whole crawling thing, but if anything, it's like he's just discovered the world around him and there's no way he's going to miss any of it. In the time it takes for me to step into the bathroom to wash my hands, he's down the hall and headed for Rudy's water bowl. In the time it takes for me to fold a towel and put it away, he's in my closet and chewing on a flip-flop. He gets stuck under coffee tables and behind chairs and between the open door and the wall.

And as exhausting as this week has been, trying to keep him contained and away from sharp objects, it's been a blast. He's wearing a permasmile all day long (except for when I keep him from the flip-flops) and literally squeals as he goes, because he's so happy. In fact, it's the squealing that often alerts me that he's on the move. One of these days, he'll learn to do it in super secret stealth mode.

PS: I love how he looks both ways when he comes to the threshold, like he knows he's making a break for it.

3 friends said...:

  1. So cute! Let the real babyproofing begin! It just gets crazier :-)

  2. Buckle up! Life with a little boy is about to get real interesting! LOVE that video. I could EAT HIM UP!

  3. How adorable is he- baby on the move! :) I also love the look of ackomplishment he has on his face of a job well done.


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