Tuesday, March 6, 2012

updates from among the boxes


+ We're all moved in! And by "moved in" I mean that our belongings are here and we sleep here. But we are by no means unpacked or settled, although we've made a LOT of progress.

+ We? Is there a mouse in my pocket? No. Andrew's parents have been here and have been AMAZING. Unpacking, fixing, setting up, cleaning, Jack-watching, painting and being excellent company for my boy and me. I maybe had an ugly cry after I dropped them off at the airport this afternoon.


+ Rudy likes it here. I'm starting to see pieces of his old personality and that makes me happy. We haven't gotten the back yard fenced in yet, but he spends a lot of time in the sunroom watching the squirrels run around.


+ Cute baby!

+ I miss my husband, dangit. He should be here, you know? Not because of the honey-do list, but because this is our first house and it's a special time for our little family and I wish he was here to smile at every once in a while. I'm ready for that boy to come home from wherever he is.

That's all for now. Let me get just a teensy bit more settled and then I'll put all kinds of pictures up for you. You can't stop me.

4 friends said...:

  1. Yippee! A space of your own will make life a lot happier, for you and Rudy. I will be watching for the pictures. Eventually you will have everything just the way you want it. Congrats!

  2. I miss your dog. I hope that's not offensive, because you know how I am about sharing feelings about people. Can't wait to come visit y'all in the lovely new place!! Wish I could be there to help unpack and keep y'all company, too. :( Enjoy!

  3. yay for being moved in!! must feel good! and yes, he is a cutie!!

  4. And maybe you weren't the only one who had an ugly cry...you all are very loved! It was our honor to spend that time with you!


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