Sunday, March 18, 2012

catching up

People! I've missed you!

My mom sent me a text last week that said, "I'm getting complaints from the public about updates to the blog." So this is for the public.

I don't really even know where to start after our little hiatus, so I'll start with pictures and then jump into the fun stuff like Jack's five month update and (finally!) a look at our house. Until then, here's a glimpse into the last two weeks:

Picnik collage

+ Moving is messy. And those curtains? Blech. Those came down immediately.
+ Organized chaos.
+ So far, only a few things have been broken. And nothing that I'm too sad about.
+ Grandpa and Jack discuss the game plan for the day.
+ Bed buddy.
+ Jack's room is mostly done, with the exception of hanging pictures on the wall. Hooray for progress!
+ He requires a lot of stuff while sleeping.
+ Moose baby!
+ Taking a break from unpacking to go for a walk.
+ Waiting for Andrew's submarine to pull into port!
+ He gets more handsome by the minute, if you ask me.
+ Beautiful sunset.
+ Feet!
+ He's flexing his muscles.
+ Quesadilla from a food truck. It doesn't get any better.
+ Stroller nap.
+ Connecticut might be cold, but it sure is pretty.
+ Tummy time!
+ Is there anything snugglier than a baby in a towel? I submit that there is not.
+ Green or no green, I still want to pinch those cheeks.

Is the public satisfied now? I promise not to let so much time pass before sharing more pictures of that baby.

I don't want anyone to get the shakes.

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