Monday, December 5, 2011

weekly snapshots (v4)

On Friday, I thought it was Wednesday. I'll chalk that up to one cute kid and a husband who works seven days a week.

sat and sun

+ Smiley baby. At 8am. It appears that this night owl has been blessed with a morning baby.
+ Modeling his new jammies from Martha!
+ Why yes, we sure did try to cook a pie in a turkey roaster. That's what happens when you've run out of oven space. And yes, it worked!
+ More smiley baby. Early in the morning.
+ He found his thumb!
+ Pretty sky on our evening walk.
+ Time to start decorating for Christmas!
+ Reindeer baby. He was not amused.


+ Sleepy thinker.
+ Using Rudy as a foot stool.
+ I'm not totally sure what's going on with his toe inside of that sock, but it creeped me out.
+ The bouncy seat jungle friends are soooo funny.
+ He zoned out as soon as I put on the Christmas tunes. That's my boy.
+ Mesmerized by the rain.

Just so you know, this was the day we decorated for Christmas. There's another blog post coming about the "adventure" that was picking out our tree.

+ Dressed in a cute fleece to pick out our tree!
+ And a cute hat.
+ Napping while we eat lunch.
+ At Chick-fil-a!
+ I was proud of Chick-fil-a for having a real tree.
+ That's the front of Lowes. Where we picked out our tree. Because when it's approaching rush hour AND dinner time for the baby, the Christmas tree farm doesn't seem as charming.
+ Those "holiday poinsettias" had glitter on the leaves. Really?
+ Christmas decorating!
+ Rudy was not amused with the antlers.
+ But he didn't mind his elf collar.
+ I love him. Because he humors me with the hats at Christmas.
+ Pretty tree.


+ This SO sums up my life right now: a cup of coffee and a pacifier.
+ Beautiful.
+ Ahhh, Christmas :)
+ This house has three strands of the "cool blue" lights and one strand of regular. Do they not know?

Due to a lot of frowny faces and no naps, there are no pictures from Thursday. Yikes.


+ Good news: the no-nap day turned in 12 hours of sleep that night (and every night since!) and a day full of great naps the next day.
+ Happy camper in the back seat means mama can stop for a cheeseburger on the way home from Target. Holla.
+ Dollar Store poinsettias for a Christmas craft.
+ I spy a cute teddy bear
+ The teddy bear loves his evening walks.
+ The makings of Jack's first stocking!

And that was our week!

I'm linking up with Amy, since it was her awesome idea to document your week in camera pics...join in on the fun!

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