Thursday, December 1, 2011

must haves: baby edition

Here are some things we've been loving over the last six weeks...

Picnik collage

1. Flannel receiving blankets. I had about 10 of them and never had too many. They're great for swaddling wee little babies (and not as expensive as the special blankets). Also, they aren't bulky so they fit perfectly in a diaper bag for things like an extra chilly doctors office. Or when he poops through every layer of clothing in church and needs to be wrapped up so people don't ask you why your baby is nekkid. Yes, that happened.

2. Boppy pillow. Seriously, there is no other pillow that makes nursing as comfortable as this pillow. I brought mine to the hospital and looking back, I would have preferred that over anything else in my hospital bag.

3. Gripe water. I've also seen it called Colic Calm. We call it magic water. Jack isn't colicky, but the kid is pretty gassy. Sometimes I can tell that his little tummy is hurting because he'll wrench up and make the most pitiful face ever, but a drop of this stuff and he's immediately at ease. It also cures hiccups in seconds. See? Magic water.

4. Soothie. His favorite paci. He makes the worst this thing is disgusting, get it out of my mouth face for all the other pacis except this one. It takes him to his happy place.

5. Bouncy seat. We didn't register for one because we registered for a swing and I didn't think I needed both. But the swing, while it's great for a sleepy/cranky baby who won't let his mama cook dinner, is kind of bulky and not easy to move around the house. I ordered this bouncy seat from Amazon and he LOVES it. He stares up at his little jungle friends and just smiles. It's pretty adorable.

6. Baby Elephant Ears. So his little head doesn't flop about in the car seat, stroller, swing, etc. Please don't let your baby's head flop.

7. Cloth diapers. We use the BumGenius 4.0 diapers and I don't ever, ever, ever want to use another disposable diaper. Ever. I plan to do a whole post on that, but the short version is this: they're awesome.

8. Video baby monitor. We didn't get pink, don't worry. But a friend of mine told me that the extra money was worth it and we took her word for it. So glad we did - and we found one on sale! I like being able to look on the monitor to see if the noise he's making is feed me now noise or I'm just dreaming noise. Also, when he sleeps all night and makes me wonder if he's still alive, I like that I can see his little chest rising. Pathetic, but it's true.

Next up, must haves for mama!

2 friends said...:

  1. what a great and informative post!! hmmm i don't think we have a bouncy seat yet but will keep it in mind!!

  2. Gripe water is amazing. We also use cloth dipes. I have the same boppy that is pictured!


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