Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a note to myself

Dear Self,

As you're sitting in Jack's room, watching him nap while the movers pack up your life around you, remember all of the things that have happened over the last two weeks that you still need to document. The things that have happened that make all the chaos going on around you seem really insignificant.

And when you get to Groton and you're resting in your rental by the sea, waiting for the house you've (hopefully) purchased to be available, take that time to write all of this stuff down. Because it will bring you joy.

Things like:
  • Andrew's graduation from Prototype.
  • Your thoughts on leaving this sweet town and the community you've found here.
  • Jack's first Christmas and his first time meeting more of his amazing family.
  • The Drayton Hall adventure with family.
  • Your last meal at Poogan's Porch.
  • Jack's discovery of his tongue. And other people's tongues. And how funny he thinks that is.
  • Your thoughts, after two and a half months with that angel, on being a parent.

Remember it, Page.

Hold on to all of these things.

That's what makes this time so sweet.

1 friends said...:

  1. aww this is soo important, to write notes to yourself and to remind yourself to take care of yourself too! good luck w/ the move!!


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