Saturday, November 19, 2011

weekly snapshots (v3)

I have to say, I love doing this. It's fun to look back over the week and remember the little things and why I felt inclined to take a picture of them. It reminds me that each day isn't quite as predictable and average as it sometimes feels :)

Picnik collage

+ Hoot-Hoot, I'm cute.
+ Date night! My parents were in town and watched Jack while we went to our favorite Italian restaurant. You can't see, but Tony is playing some dinner tunes on the piano behind Andrew.
+ Cheesin' in the car before heading home.
+ And then Jack was still awake when we got home, until we put him on Daddy's magic knees. Works every time.
+ Ready to go to church for the first time! You should know that he came home in only a diaper and a blanket due to a little "incident." Note to self: bring extra, extra clothes in the diaper bag.
+ His and hers hot tea date after hours on Sunday. We looked for houses in CT and listened to some jazz. Things sure have changed around here...

Picnik collage

+ Life is just SO hard when you eat, sleep and get cuddled all day.
+ Christmas has come to Starbucks!
+ He zonked out while we were running errands. If only both of us could sleep like that.
+ Just like Daddy. Confession: I bought that outfit almost two years ago when Andrew was at OCS and just stored it away. It's a good thing I did that, because it sure is cute.

Picnik collage

+ I picked up this little sweater for our upcoming photo shoot. Adorable, right?
+ Daddy's first mate!
+ He kind of has hair like an old man: nothing in front/on top, but a whole lot in the back.

Picnik collage

+ Laundry feels more fun with this little buddy.
+ He fell asleep mid-stretch.
+ New bouncy seat! He's a big fan.

Picnik collage

+ Consider this a PSA if you have a dog that sheds. This magic "brush" gets more hair off than any other brush we've used and Rudy loves it because he thinks he's getting his back scratched. It's called a Kong Zoom Groom. You're welcome.
+ It was a beautiful day, so we decided to sit in the back yard for a little vitamin D.
+ My house is (was) clean! I felt like I needed to document it before we got to messing it up again.
+ Open windows in November. We're really going to miss that.
+ Love his crazy expressions.
+ He stared out the window for about half an hour, just watching the trees blow around in the wind.

Picnik collage

+ First smile! He was listening to Andrew call his name and broke out into a huge grin.
+ Lazy day by the fire.
+ Teddy bear suit! He couldn't move his arms, but he sure was warm :)
+ He's the perfect companion for date night. Just zip him up in his car seat so he's nice and warm and let him sleep!

And that was our week!

I'm linking up with Amy, since it was her awesome idea to document your week in camera pics...join in on the fun!

3 friends said...:

  1. Looks like you had a great week! What a little cutie you have! Xoxo

  2. First time to your blog, found you through a good life link up.

    How cute, looks like you had A GREAT week!

  3. visiting your blog for the first time! what a sweet baby boy you have!! :-)


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