Thursday, November 10, 2011

like father, like son

My mother-in-law was here this week to help us out for a few days and snuggle on Jack. In her wake she left about six dinners in our freezer, plus some breakfast dishes and a pear cake. Blessings are just raining down all over our family these days, my friends. We're so loved.

While she was here, we were looking through some photo albums that she brought with her. When I saw this picture of Andrew as a baby, I could NOT believe how much it looked like Jack:

andrew baby

Everyone says that he looks like his dad and I completely agree, but this is crazy! Let's do a little side by side, shall we?

Picnik collage

I always wanted a son who looked like his daddy and I guess I got my wish.

Cute little thing.

4 friends said...:

  1. Wow, yeah, in that photo side-by-side comparison, that is totally striking!!! Amazing. Could be the same kid. How fun for you guys to flip through old albums with your MIL. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Missing you guys. xoxo

  2. Congrats on the new baby boy. He is precious.

    Ohmyword...I think I just found my new fave blog -- you. Just read the story of how you met your husband. That's great. Hopefully, I'll have a story to tell one day. :)

    I know I've been on your blog before but never stopped to read for long. Well, I'm a follower now. :)

  3. wow!! that's soo crazy that they look SOO alike! i think it's amazing that kids look like their parents so much, i mean it makes sense duh.. but i just think babies are such a miracle! i keep staring at my husband more now b/c i think our baby boy will probably look like him, i sure do hope so too! :D

  4. Of course I loved this you all, too! Xox


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