Tuesday, February 1, 2011

hey there, february

I just blinked and January ended. March will be here before you know it, since February's the short month and everything (no offense, Feb).

I have a February resolution: to get up earlier.

Waking up stinks, to put it bluntly. It doesn't matter if I get 5 hours of sleep or 10, waking up feels next to impossible when the alarm goes off. I hate it. Hate. But I married this man who has to get up early for work and prefers to get up early on the weekend. And he's ready to go to bed at 10pm and I'm just getting started. Rarely, we'll go to bed at 10pm and I'll just hang out there - wide awake. But usually Andrew waits around on me to get tired, which means that he gets less sleep than is healthy and then I feel bad.

So my February resolution is to get up earlier, so I get tired earlier, so my love can get his rest. I'm sweet like that. And in honor of that resolution, here are some other things I'm looking forward to this month (because you know I heart lists):
  • Seeing every single person on my mom's side of the family for Mike and Mir's going away party. I'm not looking forward to them leaving me for England, but I am looking forward to sending them off in style (and okay, having a free place to stay when they get settled there is worth looking forward to).
  • Bursting with pride as Andrew graduates Power School. And taking him somewhere fancy for a celebratory dinner.
  • STAYCATION 2011! More on that later.
  • New designs in the Etsy shop. Coming up first: Valentine Cards.
  • The addition of a baby to our homegroup. My sweet friend is due on 2/12 and we can't wait to meet this little one!
  • Warmth. Charleston, don't let me down.
  • President's Day! I love the presidents, but I also love a day off from work.
  • Re-reading The Help. Because it's just that good.

February, you might be little, but I like you.

What are you looking forward to this month?

2 friends said...:

  1. Spring! (I, too, love Charleston!); my massage this Saturday (Christmas present from my mother-in-law); and(insert drumroll here) Jason's and my 7th Wedding Anniversary!

  2. I'm looking forward to sitting on my porch; taking a trip to Lowe's garden center; longer days; reading books; getting closer to summertime/baseball season. Miss y'all!


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