Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my manly officer

We have bugs. We have flies, june bugs, mosquitos, creepy crawly mystery bugs and palmetto bugs (read: cockroaches). I have never lived in a place where the insects are in such an abundant supply, but they're here and they love to scurry inside every time we open the door. Personally, I would like to teach Rudy to catch them, but he's not interested. So I guess we're left to our own devices. And believe me, it's a show.

Andrew can do spiders and snakes, but if it flits and flutters, he's no good. Not because he's scared (so he says) but because this variety is so gross. I can't say I disagree. But this aversion has resulted in some pretty hilarious scenes throughout the house. Our first night here, we were sleeping on a matress in the floor and he thought he heard something fly across his face. With a little squeal, he bolted to the end of the mattress, almost busting my chin open in the process. This morning, he reached into the closet in the laundry room to grab something and a cockroach scurried across the floor. He made some very questionable noises and did a little dance, all the while saying, "Oh no, oh no, he's so gross!! Oh no!" Then he forced me to hand over my flipflop to do the deed and let's just say he was a little more violent than I would have liked. It was a messy aftermath.

Unfortunately, it appears that this is something we'll have to adjust to and learn to deal with. Which means I'll have plenty of opportunity to get it on camera. Maybe I'll install a Nanny Cam...

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