Thursday, June 17, 2010

big girl furniture

So far, settling into the Palmetto State has taken a little longer than we'd like. Our main living area looks like it did the day we moved in and our bedroom is not the quiet and tranquil place that HGTV tells me it should be. It's rather chaotic, in fact. But the good news is that while I've been slaving away in the upstairs office during the day, Andrew's had the time to make progress. He was given a stash job for the summer, until he starts school in August, but each morning when he gets there at 8:15am (to "muster", i.e. sign the attendance sheet) he's been told that there isn't any work for him and he can go home. Tough life.

So what's taking us so long to unpack, you ask? BIG GIRL FURNITURE! We knew that this move would be the one when we'd acquire a good amount of the furniture we've been saving up for, since friends and family are more likely to visit when you live in Charleston, rather than Durham. Let's be honest, there really is no comparison. And in order to have an adequate guest bedroom, we decided to move all of our bedroom furniture upstairs and get ourselves a real, live bedroom suite. And since no one wants to eat a leisurely Sunday dinner on a couch or folding chair, we also got a dining room table (for 10!) to meet all of the hospitality desires of my heart. Unluckily for Andrew, all of it had to be assembled. Hence the unpacked boxes. Where are we going to put our clothes if we don't have a dresser?

All I know is this: We're in too beautiful a place to spend our days in boxes, so any free minute I have will go to getting this place settled. And when that day comes, there will be celebration.

1 friends said...:

  1. Can't wait to come visit you and let my stinky boys sleep on your nice new couch. LOL.


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