Monday, June 7, 2010

i got nowhere else to go!

(Props to you if you're NOT in my family and you got that movie reference.)

Okay, folks. Cue the circus music.

Yesterday, we had a place to live. Today, we do not. The homeowners of the place we were renting decided they want to sell, not rent. After screaming at my phone upon hearing this voicemail, scouring the internet for the possibility of a rental that escaped us during previous searches and saying a few quick, frustrated prayers, we've decided that it's okay. It'll all work out. Our new motto is "keep on keepin' on." But really, it's almost comical. There were 5 houses that I found in the weeks leading up to the house hunt that had been listed for months. They were taken the second we entered South Carolina. Please see below for the craziness that followed:

House #1: Listing said the yard was fenced, perfect for our high-maintenance dog. Drive-by proves listing wrong.
House #2: LOVE IT. Walk around inside, day dream about decorating and drive back to the rental company to sign the papers. Someone has filled out an application while were were looking at it.
House #3: Ghetto.
House #4: Fenced-in yard = three-sided fence. Why bother?
House #5: While standing in the kitchen, realtor gets a call. Owner changes their mind about pets. Really? Let me just show you Rudy, he's really nice. Are you SURE you don't take pets?
House #6: It'll do. If we don't like the next one, we'll take it.
House #7: No key left in the special realtor box. House #6 it is.
House #8: An exact replica of House #2 is available. Hurry, send in paperwork and cancel House #6. Oh, we're sorry. House #8 doesn't want to be a rental. And oh, House #6 is taken already.
House #9: Someone JUST submitted an application and we haven't had a chance to take it off our site.

Either we need to figure out a way to be quicker on the draw or we need to hire someone to sabotage these people's credit checks, but this is getting out.of.control.

As of now, we're homeless. It's possible that our U-Haul trailer will be situated in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn for a few days, but we're praying that the Lord will provide. Ok, we know He WILL provide, we just pray that it's sooner rather than later. And if it's not, we pray that we understand why. One day.


1 friends said...:

  1. You are beautiful and so faithful! Yes, you're right: God will provide. And JUST THINK OF THE STORY YOU ARE LIVING right now. Read Donald Miller. Really. :-) Love you. Call me if you want to vent. XOXO


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