Saturday, June 19, 2010

friday date night: alessandra's

Right before our move down here, Andrew said that he thought it would be fun to document all of our Friday date night meals, since we're in a culinary hotspot for the next year. What better way to bring that to life than in the blog?

This week, the first week, was also the birthday edition! My birthday was on Friday and after a very special day made wonderful by my sweet friends and family, we celebrated at Alessandra's in downtown Summerville. Andrew found this quaint restaurant off of a cobblestone street accessible only by foot. Complete with cafe tables out front and white string lights in the window, it was just the kind of place I get excited about. We were greeted by the very Italian owner and seated by his very Italian brother. Within minutes, a very Italian family friend was at the piano, playing tunes from the Sinatra era. Adorable.

We enjoyed bread with olive oil and spices, house salads and then some pretty standard Italian dishes: chicken fettuccini with spinach and chicken parmesan. It was just simple, good Italian food. Just the way I like it. And the highlight? Watching the veteran waitresses, in too-tight black pants and red lipstick, educate the new girl (a timid little niece) on how to pour water. It was her first night and the way they fussed over her after she took the first order reminded me a little of the way Nia's cousins made a scene on her wedding day in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was like she had just experienced a rite of passage. Who knew you could find this kind of culture down here?

Thanks for tuning in for our first edition of Friday Date Night! Once we get a little more settled, we'll venture out to downtown Charleston where you know things are going to get reeaaaaal good :)

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