Saturday, February 2, 2013

pictures to make up for an extended absence

I should have called this post I've been busy preparing for a big trip and my mom is disappointed in my lack of blogging. Or maybe I'm going to be gone for a week, so here are some pictures of Jack to hold you over.

Either way, enjoy this photo dump. A lot of these are Instagram repeats. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Daddy's old cover from his previous rank is now one of Jack's favorite thing to wear.
Speaking of wearing Daddy's hats...
Recording a book for Jack. I probably cried.
Oldie but a goodie. First day of preschool!
Fair winds and following seas, my love.
I sent this picture to my MIL (who is staying with Jack this week) and asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with it. She still says yes. (Note to self: bring home awesome souvenirs.)
A nice reminder, especially during deployment. Because it's usually a choice, you know?
Somebody get this kid a cup holder.
Tunnel time! This was a Christmas gift from Papa and Nana. If you want to pass the time during that bewitching 4pm hour at your house, GET A TUNNEL.
One of his favorite spots, especially if Rudy is outside.
This was the first time we've taken any toys outside. I think he enjoyed himself, judging by the epic meltdown that took place upon coming back inside.
Mid-chew. Still cute.
Upside down baby!
I fold clothes in my bedroom, he hangs out in the closet fort. Everybody wins!

Putting his hat back on. Sort of.
Little baby lumberjack! He looks like a bodybuilder in this picture and it cracks me up.
Fish tacos. I should share the recipe because they're probably the best fish tacos you will ever eat. At least that's what Andrew tells me.
Sometimes he won't smile, but he's still really freaking adorable.

2 friends said...:

  1. So cute! He is getting so big and handsome. :-)

  2. Yes, the pictures help a lot and I would love the fish taco recipe.


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