Thursday, February 14, 2013


On this, the day of Love, it seemed appropriate to reemerge from my little vacation to say, "Bonjour! I'm back from Paris!" I spent three days rendezvousing with Andrew before he had to leave and this time it will be months and months before I see him again. Thankfully, there were four good friends who were there doing the same thing and we got to keep each other company for a few more days and do girly things like eat macarons in a tea room and shop.

I'll be back with more pictures and the play-by-play, but I'm still recovering from jetlag and currently trying not to let Valentine's Day turn me into one of those people who hates Valentine's Day. I just miss my guy, that's all.

The cheeseburger I had for lunch is helping. And I'm banking on a valentine from Jack, once I pick him up from preschool. If he didn't make something out of pink construction paper and glitter, I might really start to feel sorry for myself.

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