Thursday, February 28, 2013

paris, day 3

Day 3! Our last day together. What started as a plan to pop back into Laduree for pastries and coffee turned into a leisurely sit-down breakfast that might have been one of the best meals we had while we were there. Not the mention, the dishes were just precious. I felt like I was at a tea party.

From there, we ventured to (finally!) see the Eiffel Tower up close. We thought about going to the top, but we knew that if we were almost miserably cold on the ground, we'd certainly be miserably cold at the windy top. Maybe next time!

One thing Andrew mentioned over and over and over again was how he wanted a Nutella crepe. We found one! We refueled on the warm ooey gooeyness of it and then set out to do some exploring. We had no real plan other than to see what we could see before he had to catch the train back. We just wandered, soaking up the culture around us, which seems to be our favorite way to tour any new city. I wouldn't trade it for any museum-packed itinerary you could find. Not when I've got this guy to hold my hand.

Once we got back to the hotel and backed his bags, we stopped for an early dinner where we tried not to think about what was next. I love this picture - see him in the mirror?

I thought saying goodbye to him at the pier the day he left was hard, but saying goodbye to him at the train station in Paris might have been harder. After having that time together, just the two of us, and knowing how well we do life together, it was just sad to see him leave again. But thankfully, there were four other ladies who had just done the same thing waiting back at the hotel. So I cried my way through the train station and onto the metro and onto another metro and to the hotel so we could commiserate. Emotional Americans!

I don't have pictures from the next two days, which involved one lazy day in the city with the girls and another lazy day at the airport hotel after our flight home got canceled because of all the blizzarding going on back here. But I made it home to Jack on Sunday night, just in time to tuck him in. I never worried about him while I was gone because I knew he was in very capable and loving hands with my in-laws, but I sure did miss him. I kissed his cheeks an extra lot over the next few days.

And thus concludes the Paris travelogue. It was fun, although it was different than I expected. I think I'd like to see it in the spring or summer, with flowers blooming and the weather nice enough to sit outside. But regardless, what I'll remember most about that whole trip was Andrew. I know I probably sound like a Hallmark movie right now but to be with him, with nothing to worry about except which cafe to choose for lunch, was absolutely priceless. It's been a hard year for many, many reasons and that trip was like a deep breath.

So thanks for that, my love. I can't wait to do it again sometime.

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