Thursday, May 31, 2012

a kid and his uncle

When I was a kid, I had an Uncle Mikey. I call him Uncle Mike now, or just Mike, because it feels weird to be an adult and call another adult Uncle Mikey. Also, Mike his is name - not Mikey. So I think we're doing everyone a favor by just putting the whole Mikey thing to rest.

But anyway, he's only 13 years older than me, which made him THE COOLEST PERSON ON THE PLANET when I was a little girl. He'd run around my grandmother's yard with me on his shoulders and make up funny songs and jokes that only a seven-year-old would find funny. And to this day, I don't think I know another person who makes me laugh as hard as he does. But he's also talented and interesting and deeply thoughtful and all of those things make me admire him just as much as I did 20 years ago, but for different reasons.

And my little brother is his clone.

Which basically means that Jack is one lucky kid.

When Tyler came to visit last week, Jack smiled at him like he'd seen him every day for his entire little life. And it was like that every time Tyler caught his eye for the rest of the weekend.

I think he knows that he has a built-in buddy. This friend who will try to impart his love of baseball and music. And maybe at the same time, help him think through the big, confusing things that might plague his little mind.

And this is the part where I feel insanely thankful for my family. Our family. Jack's family. It's good stuff, y'all.

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