Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the big 2-5


It came. It went. It was fabulous.

It started the way every birthday for the last three years has started: a sweet "happy birthday" whisper in my ear. We got up early, I opened cards in bed and was serenaded via telephone by family. An hour and a half later, we were headed down town for Page and Andrew's day-o-fun.

We hit the farmer's market first, because I love it there. We took our time and filled our bags with all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Andrew bought me flowers on the way out because he's sweet like that.

We'd planned ahead, so we brought a cooler to keep all of our stuff for the day. After getting that settled, we went for an early lunch. Hot sandwiches all around. And was time for my present. THE present. My massage. Ohhhhh yes.

We walked to the Charleston Place Hotel, where Andrew saw me off at the elevator and went in search for TVs to watch the baseball game. I was early enough to sit in my robe with a magazine and some cucumber water for a little while. Bliss.

After the massage, I wiped the drool off my mouth (sorry, but it's true) and hit the showers to get all fancy for the rest of my downtown date. In my cute new dress and some dangly earrings, I met my boy back in the lobby. We stopped for coffee and then wandered to the waterfront park to watch the boats drive by.


We had big plans for dinner, but didn't make reservations. So I guess you could say that we didn't have plans. Neither one of us felt like waiting until 9:45 for a table to open up, so we settled for drinks and appetizers at a local rooftop bar. And by drinks, I mean sweet tea. But I may or may not have requested a glass of red wine for my post-baby celebration in the delivery room. Just keeping it real...

We stopped for gelato on our way back home and then called it a night. And I haven't slept that well in ages. There's something about being pampered and doted on all day that just takes it out of you :)

There were phone calls and texts all in between, which really makes a gal feel special. So thanks to you peeps. And thanks to that sweet, sweet man I married for making the day feel so grand. I sure do like you, sir.

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  1. So happy! You deserved every minute!


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