Monday, June 13, 2011

22 weeks!

22 weeks

Oh, he's growing now! {name that reference and I'll give you a yankee nickel}

Here are some facts about our little man:

  • He's almost a foot long and weighs about a pound. Or knowing my luck, he's two feet long and weighs 5 pounds.
  • His lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct
  • He's developing tiny tooth buds beneath his gums
  • His eyes have formed, but his irises still lack pigment. Our cute little albino baby!
I also read in one of my books this weekend that he can hear more and more each day. Andrew keeps humming Beethoven to my belly in hopes that our boy will be a musical prodigy. We'll see about that.

I'm still feeling great. I've been having some hip and back pain that can be a nuisance, but I have a very stylish (not) maternity belt that has made a bit of a difference in the last week or so. Hopefully that will continue.

I'm also somewhat of a crafty nester at the moment. All I want to do is sew and paint and decorate for the baby. I have a few things done already, so look for it all on the ol' blog in the coming days. And as we get more done in the nursery (eeeek!) I'll show you that as well.

Until then, send some good baby-growing vibes my way...

2 friends said...:

  1. I completely believe in "the perfect name". I remember looking at Charlie in the hospital (as squished and purple as he was) and thinking, "Well, Jason was right, you're certainly not a Zachary or a Brandon. You're a Charlie!" Thank goodness for husbands! Where else would we get those all-important swimmers and the name?!?!?!


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