Monday, April 18, 2011

26 days

That's how long I have to wait for Andrew to come home.

This separation has been so much easier than the last. For starters, communication makes a world of difference. A letter a week doesn't really cut it, in my opinion. But having phone calls, texts and Skype dates makes it a lot easier to feel connected, even though we're basically living two separate lives for the time being.

And then there's the fact that we just came out of Power School. Late nights and long weekends forced me to adapt to an empty house and it made it easier to turn on my Independent Switch when necessary.

And perhaps the best of all, I've seen him once already and I'm headed that way again this weekend. Spoiled? Maybe.

However, all that doesn't negate the fact that I'm ready for him to be here. In this house. And when he does come home, he has almost two months before the next phase of training starts up. But the thing that I'm most excited about is that my best friend will be here for me to hang out with this summer.

In Charleston, it is officially summer. The temperature hasn't dipped below 75 in the last several weeks and it's generally closer to 80 or 85. The air and the smells and the ice cream truck that makes its afternoon tour through the neighborhood bring me back to last summer, when we first moved down here. We spent the warm Friday evenings trying out new restaurants and we spent Saturdays exploring our new town. I loved it.

Now we've been blessed with another summer together, before the Navy takes over again and before this little one takes over in his or her own way as well. So this list is for you, love. All the things I can't wait to do with you when you get back...

  • Friday night date nights
  • The farmers market
  • Finding a good BBQ restaurant
  • Lunch at Chick-fil-a when we're out for our Saturday errands
  • Readying our home for our kid (can you believe we're having a kid?)
  • Taking Rudy on evening walks
  • Grilling out to good music
  • Wandering around downtown with frozen yogurt or iced coffee
  • Picnic in the park? Hotdogs? Ok!
  • Making you lots and lots of sweet tea, to make up for the top you lost up "there"
  • Sitting in the front porch rocking chairs with the sweet tea
  • Bacon, avocado and tomato sandwiches
  • (Cheesy alert) Holding your hand!
  • Beach trips for the day
  • Matt's Burgers on my lunch break
  • Yes, I know what you're thinking. Page, are you excited about eating good food or being with your husband?

    Please, people.

    The answer is BOTH. Duh.

    Hurry home, love. We miss you too much to spend the summer without you.

    4 friends said...:

    1. Haha! I WAS thinking that you were awfully excited about the food. But, then again, Andrew MUST be your soul mate! LOL

    2. I can't imagine being away from mu husband for so long...I hope he gets home soon and you all have a wonderful time together!

    3. For BBQ, you MUST try Duke's -- but we have been told by many people that the one in Ridgeville is waaay better than the rest -- "it's just not the same" at the others. They're only open Friday & Saturday nights -- perfect for your date nights!

    4. I agree with your friend Jenny ... we had a BBQ place in Beaufort -- but it closed and moved to Charleston! DUKES! It's delicious! :)


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