Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the i'm-about-to-be-alone list

You know that feeling when you're running downhill and you've got so much momentum towards the end of the stretch that you can't halt your legs, no matter how hard you will your body to stop?

THAT is how I feel today.

Because it's Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday and Thursday always feels like a blink away from the weekend. And the weekend, my friends, is when Andrew is leaving for three months.


Did you know that his orders were changed and now he's going to Groton first? I told you here that he was going to Prototype first, even though it wasn't his preference. But then that changed and now he's going to Groton first, then Prototype. And the green grass grew all around, all around...

So, he's leaving. On Saturday. He's leaving around 7pm and driving through the night, which makes me nervous because it's not hard for him to fall asleep while driving (forget what I just said, Andrew's mom. He's a very alert driver!) But he's going up with another guy so they can share the driving duties and I made him promise to get a hotel if they got too tired. He pinky-swore and that's something we don't take lightly.

Because I thrive on lists and plans and anticipation, I've developed a list of things to do while Andrew's away. Ready? Go.
  • Take a crochet or a painting class with my friend, Lindsay
  • Watch the entire series of Army Wives on Netflix, so I'm caught up with where the show is now
  • Finish the wedding invitations for my sweet friend, Lauren
  • Organize the catch-all places in our house: the kitchen hutch, the secretary and some hidden corners in my office
  • Read Water for Elephants
  • Take Rudy for a walk at least once a day because exercise and sunshine are both very good things
  • Sew some new pillows for the living room (because we got new furniture - more on that later)
  • Do NOT be sad

Not too bad, right? I'm sure there will be lots of movie-watching and book-reading and nap-taking to fill in the holes. And Laura, my sister-in-law, is going to come down for a beach weekend and that's always a good idea. AND I'm planning on flying up to see the boy at least once, so I really shouldn't complain.

But regardless of how much I love sleeping diagonally and watching chick flicks all the livelong day, I kind of like him. And I'd rather have him here so I can kiss him any time I want.

(Name that movie)

3 friends said...:

  1. I won't name the movie because I don't want to spoil it but I WILL say that the line was said twice, once at the beginning and once at the end, and on a beach during...well...never mind. Speaking of beaches, I'm excited. And don't forget that we're going SHOPPING! [good thing I gave up sweets and seconds for Lent this time!]

  2. I have no idea what movie you're talking about (and feeling very old because of it...) BUT just remember that the sooner Andrew leaves, the sooner he'll be back!!! And you two will be on to wonderful, fabulous adventures for the rest of 2011 and beyond!


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